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FAQ - Service & Repair Calls:

Q:  How much to come to my house and look at my PC vs. fix it?

A:  $50 to look and brief consult = 1 Hr. min [+ trip charge]
(see rates for trip charge depending on area). 


Some common problems can be fixed quickly on-site in an hour or so. 
However, most problems need off-site, shop-time; allowing for more extensive tools and resources, (e.g. parts-acquisition; longer scanning-time troubleshooting; updates; reboot/install/backup, etc.). 


“Shop-Time” visits usually result in reduced hours billed overall and a more extensive job performed; without charging for hours waiting on scans and backups to complete, and charge a fee rate instead. 

Q:  How much to remove a virus off my PC?
(i.e. In most cases, "Fix my PC offsite; for software related issue"?)

A:  Depending on the issue severity (OS damage vs. critical amount and type of data to clean), average fee - $150 - $300; Virus Scanner Install Required;
(free virus scanner & subscription service available thru MSE).

Q:  How long does it take to fix my PC off-site for a shop-time visit?

A:  Usually 1-3 days within DFW area for Software related issues;
note: Hardware failure replacement related issues can take longer (parts);  consulted at each step.



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